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Why a Download Form for an Open Source Project?

Because we like to know roughly who is using SimpleORM, how they are using it and why they like or dislike it.

By the time you have got here you will have read the whitepaper and so have a fairly good idea as to what SimpleORM proports to do. (If not, the we suggest that you do so now.) Unlike many open source projects, we do not expect you to have to download the tool just to figure out what problem it is addressing.

So you should now have a fair idea of what you hope to gain from SimpleORM. We would like to know your expectations, before you use it. And we would like to have a way to contact people several months after they download to see if they have actually used the tool and what their experiences are.

Of course we are not in the business of spamming people, but we are after basic feedback. So if you can spend a few moments filling out the following form we would appreciate it. This is just a mail form which is manually processed, this is all very low key.

Download Request Form.

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In the unlikely event that we do not respond within seven days please e-mail us directly at